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Another aspect to take into consideration is the high solubility of hydrogen in aluminium melts. If care is not taken in preventing sources of hydrogen during welding, this effect may lead to welds with a large level of porosity in the weld metal. Besides, Al-alloys are prone to solidification and liquation cracking owing to their relatively high thermal expansion, large change in volume upon freezing as well as wide solidification temperature range (Gittos et al, 1981; Enjo & Kuroda, 1982; Kerr & Katoh, 1987; Miyazaki et al, 1990; Malin, 1995; Huang & Kou, 2004).

1), where the feed metal plates, base metal and filler metal all have similar chemical compositions. The plates are prepared with square edges and with a small single-V preparation with an angle of 45° in the upper part. The IEA technique allows using feeding material with the same chemical composition. The resultant droplets, in the form of a spray, produce a molten pool on the plates and the liquid is fed instantaneously at high temperature into the groove formed between the workpieces (Lu & Kou, 1989a, 1989b).

Weld profiles obtained with the MIG-IEA technique in different MMCs. a) Al-1010/TiC/50p (Garcia et al, 2003), b) Al-6061/Al2O3/20p (Garcia et al, 2002), c) A359/SiC/20p and d) dissimilar joint. a) b) 50 m 50 m Fig. 5. Effect of the a) direct and b) indirect application of the electric arc on the SiC particles during welding an A359/SiC/20p commercial composite (Garcia et al, 2007). 2 Carbon steels Pipelines of low carbon steel welded by electric arc have been used for many years and are widely used in the petroleum industry.

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