By Ruth Harrison

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A reprint of a booklet initially released in 1964, with new contributions environment a latest context. the unique e-book is produced from 10 chapters overlaying and describing the tools of in depth farming of chicken and cattle through the Nineteen Sixties. It was once geared toward developing know-how in regards to the creation of animals lower than man made and harmful stipulations that succeed in factory-like installations. concentration is given on broiler chickens, bird packing stations, battery birds, veal calves, foundation of caliber, volume as opposed to caliber and animal cruelty and laws. to be had In Print

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Veal calves, purposely kept in a state of induced anaemia so their white flesh will satisfy the supposed desires of the gourmet, sometimes drop dead when taken out of their imprisoning crates. The question then arises: how can animals produced under such conditions be safe or acceptable human food? Ruth Harrison quotes expert opinion and cites impressive evidence that they are not. Although the quantity of production is up, quality is down, a fact recognised in a most significant way by some of the producers themselves, who, for example, are more likely to keep a few chickens in the back yard for their own tables than to eat the products of the broiler establishments.

Earthing of all apparatus is most important. Only a competent electrical engineer should test a circuit and say if the earthing system is effective. Because of the special atmospheric conditions in a broiler house the electrical installation should be planned in the first place, and subsequently inspected at least once a year by a trained electrician. A main switch to cut off all the power in the house should be provided, and should be placed so that it can be easily reached by a person near the entrance door.

This food is bought in bulk, stored in giant hoppers outside the house, and fed through to the hanging food hoppers inside, automatically in most cases. This then, is the broiler industry, brought over from America, and looking still to America for leadership and advice. It is an industry with its full quota of ‘jobs for the boys’: Mr Robinson, an Essex broiler breeder, pointed out to an Oxfordshire conference (Farmer and Stockbreeder, 8th August 1961): So many of today’s specialists in the various aspects of the poultry industry never had a thing to do with the industry 18 months to two years ago.

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