By Charlie Harper

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This e-book offers a self-contained remedy of helpful analytic tools in mathematical physics. it's designed for undergraduate scholars and it includes good enough fabric for a semester (or 3 region) path in mathematical equipment of physics. With the proper choice of fabric, one may well use the ebook for a one semester or a one area direction. the must haves or corequisites are common physics, analytic mechanics, sleek physics, and a operating wisdom of differential an quintessential calculus.

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1 S Em do and I S J do. Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates Introduction Thus far, our presentation has made exclusive use of the right-hand Cartesian coordinate system. Often the solution of a physical problem is made easier by first selecting an appropriate coordinate system. In general, it is easier to solve a problem involving spherical 14Michael Faraday (1791-1867), English scientist who laid the foundations of classical field theory (despite little formal education). 15Andr6 Marie Amp'ere (1775-1836), French physicist and mathematician who is known for his work in electricity and magnetism.

27, we have 2 u1 = p, u = 4, and u3 = x. Also, we have x = x1 = PCOS,, y = x 2 = psinq5, and x = x3 = x. 6. PROBLEMS 49 The scale factors for cylindrical coordinates are hl = 1, h2 = p, and h3 = 1. Similarly, it can be shown that the scale factors for spherical coordinates are hl = 1, ha = r , and h3 = r sin 9 . 1 The pressure at any depth h in a fluid at rest is given by Ph= Po phx where p is the density of the fluid. By use of dimensionless analysis, determine the dimension of the quantity represented by x; what is the name of this physical quantity?

In the above equations, the scale factors hi are given by 6. We now develop a scheme for determining gii when the xi are known. In Cartesian ~ ; of the ui, coordinates, g l l = gzz = g33 = 1 and ds2 = ( d ~ l+) ( ~ d ~ ~( d) ~~ ~in )terms we write + On comparing Eq. 43) with Eq. 44), we note that CHAPTER 1. V E C T O R ANALYSIS 46 Elements of area and volume are respectively given by doij = hihjduiduj and d~ = hl h2h3du1du2du3. Expressions for the gradient, divergence, curl, and Laplacian in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates will now be developed.

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