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4) Between the angular brackets surrounding a terminal or nonterminal symbol, underlined texts may appear, as in "" or ",. As far as the context-free grammar is concerned, these texts are to be ignored ("" and "" represent the same nonterminal). In the attribute system however, these texts are used to distinguish several occurrences of the same symbol in a grammar rule. For example : Test text() ~ text().

3) Each word is a string of bit positions of a length, written width, which is implementation defined. Words with consecutive addresses are said to be contiguous. If W~ is a word with address A, and W~ the word with address A+I, bit positions W ~ j ~ be contiguous; and W ~ j + I ~ , so are bit positions W ~ w i d t h ~ (1~j~width-1), are said to and W2~I~. (4) A 'tbit" in the usual sense is stored in each bit position. When a string S of bits is stored in a string of contiguous bit positions P, it is assumed that #S:#P and that Skis is stored in P~i$, (Igi~#S).

S. s. also records the dynamic properties of the existing M-objects. e. another object allowing to recover the M-object and its dynamic properties. g. locations are described by references which are values. s. are said to have an "effect". The effect of an action changing the dynamic property p of an M-object 0 into v is written p(O) becomes v. 3 PROGRAM ELABORATION (I) The actions which constitute the execution of a program are organized in "sequences of actions". At a given time, several sequences of actions can be executed simultaneously (in parallel); the number of sequences being executed can vary in time (it is dynamic).

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