By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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ISBN-13: 9781483199375

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Kuksis and McCarthy (1962) have succeeded in separating various synthetic glyceride mixtures and a number of natural fats into a number of sharp peaks, without any apparent degradation. 25% methyl silicone rubber gum on 60-80 mesh Chromosorb as a stationary phase, in an 18-inch stainless steel tube, % inch in diameter. 1-2 μΐ (as 5% w/v solutions in carbon disulfide) were applied to a flash evaporator maintained at 325°C. The column was programmed to run from 200 to 325°C, the temperature being raised at 3° per minute.

The values for the mixed glycerides so obtained are in good agreement with those observed experimentally. Against this it must be said that there is no reliable experimental evidence for the enzymatic hydrogénation of intact triglycérides. , with intact microorganisms or extracts therefrom, there is no evidence for hydrogénation of fatty acid residues esterified in triglycérides. Hilditch and Meara (1942) have described a computation procedure, based on the theory of even distribution, whereby the glyceride compositions of a large number of natural fats may be calculated from a 33 Structural Investigation of Natural Fats knowledge of their fatty acid compositions alone.

Savary and Desnuelle (1956) have also suggested the use of pancreatic lipase in fat investigation. Tattrie et al. (1958) using D, L, and DL isomers of 1-oleodipalmitin have concluded that pancreatic lipase exhibits no stereospecificity and does not distinguish between the 1 and 3 position of triglycérides. , 1957; Desnuelle, 1959; Mattson and Beck, 1955; Mattson and Volpenheim, 1961a; Coleman, 1961). The method employed by the present author is as follows. 2 M ammonia-ammonium chloride buffer. 1 ml of a 25% w/v solution of bile salts.

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