By J.H.U. Brown, J.F. Dickson

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HORNING, M. G. HORNING, AND R. Ν. STILLWELL DRUG M E T A B O L I T E S (URINE) ME-TMS D U -B 5% 9 - 17 hr SE-30 TP 2VMIN (90°) C24(ST0) FIG. 22. GC separation of the ME-TMS derivatives of a urinary fraction containing neutral and basic metabolites. The urine sample was collected from the neonate 9-17 hours after birfh. The metabolites identified were demerol ( D E M ) , caffeine ( C A F F ) , phénobarbital (PHENO), hydroxysecobarbital (HO-SECO), p-hydroxyphenobarbital as the p-methoxy derivative (HO-PHENO), dihydroxysecobarbital [(HO) a-SECO], the dihydrodiol of phénobarbital (DIHYDRODIOL), and dihydroxyphenobarbital [ ( H O ) 2P H E N O ) ] .

I t m a y also be possible to carry out direct analyses of extracts of body fluids. If derivative formation is necessary, or if a separation is required, a short column could be used for sample 28 Ε. C. HORNING, M. G. HORNING, AND R. Ν. STILLWELL introduction. A combination of a thermostable open t u b u l a r glass c a p illary column (100,000 or more theoretical plate efficiency) with a M S - C O M unit of this t y p e would provide a powerful means of analysis for m a n y biological applications.

C 4 H 2 0 2 ) derived from maleic a n h y d r i d e ] . E I spectra frequently contain small peaks a t m/e values greater t h a n M . T h e y result from w h a t is now generally termed C I reactions involving the neutral molecule M and fragment ions present in relatively high con+ centration in t h e source. Protonation, leading to M H , is not infrequent, + and acetyl ( C H 3 C O ) addition leading to (M + 43) is often observed in E I spectra of acetate esters. All E I spectra of T M S ethers and esters contain ions a t 73 a m u due to t h e T M S ion; this in t u r n m a y add t o + M to form (M -f 7 3 ) .

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