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Two further meetings (10 July and 23 September) led to the establishment of National Councils. The pamphlet The Teacher and the Post-war Child was published, with financing from a grant by the Greek Government, and subsequently translated into German, Italian, Hebrew and Romanian. Another publication of interest was Teaching Science without Equipment. Both this and the other publications were issued by UNESCO in French, English and Spanish. Projects conducted in this field included the supply of war-surplus equipment to laboratories in devastated countries, the organization of youth service camps, the restoration of libraries, the publication of the UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries and reconstruction in relation to museums, the arts and letters.

On 9 July 1937 an agreement was signed between the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation and the International Council of Scientific Unions (formerly the International Research Council). A Committee to conduct the necessary negotiations had previously been appointed under the chairmanship of Professor Blas Cabrera. From 1937 onwards, the Institute organized nine study meetings, the subject of which was selected in each case by the Scientific Advisory Committee. 12 A history of UNESCO The meetings were: 1.

A few weeks later, this recommendation was submitted to the ninth Assembly of the League of Nations, where it met with a very favourable response. Years later. UNESCO was to take up this painstaking and complex experiment in order to incorporate it in one of its areas of activity. The national intellectual co-operation committees The European countries had barely emerged from the First World War when the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation held its first session in August 1922.

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