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7, the flow remains subsonic over the entire airfoil. It needs to be remembered that the local Mach number over the airfoil varies as a function of its shape and could well exceed the freestream Mach number in regions of high acceleration especially on the upper surface. 0, then there could well be a local pocket of supersonic flow on the upper surface of the airfoil. This pocket of supersonic flow is terminated with a shock wave, which is a discontinuous surface formed within the flow field across which many of the flow properties change abruptly.

1, where inlet area on the left is ‘A’ and outlet area on the right is slightly larger than ‘A’. The upper and lower surfaces are slightly curved to match the areas at inlet and outlet. Therefore, the flow properties can be considered to be varying only along the flow direction and not along the cross flow direction. Let us consider that the station 1 is the inlet station and station 2 is the outlet station of the duct. 29) which represents the pressure force on the sides of the control surface.

If the property of the gas varies grossly from that of a perfect gas then a suitable equation of state would need to be used. 5), ‘T’ stands for temperature and ‘v’ for specific volume of the gas. For problems involving a perfect gas at relatively low temperatures, it is possible to also assume a calorically perfect gas. A calorically perfect gas is defined as a perfect gas with constant specific heats. In such a gas specific heat at constant pressure volume c p , specific heat at constant c v and also their ratio, namely, γ =c p c v , are all constant.

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