By Stan Zweifel, Jake Olsen

ISBN-10: 1571671919

ISBN-13: 9781571671912

That includes new chapters on second-level liberate drills and complicated catching drills, this up to date version of one hundred and one Receiver Drills is designed to reinforce the basics, talents, and strategies serious about potent receiver play. The publication additionally comprises drills for warm-up, route-running, break-point, desk bound and circulate catching, working after the capture, and blocking off. every one drill is illustrated with a diagram and comprises distinct training guidelines.

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As a receiver strides out from his line, the passer will throw the ball in several different ways and the receiver will try to make the reception. He can throw the ball long, meaning the receiver has to run under it. He can throw a bullet pass. He can throw the ball immediately on the receiver's first or second step. He can throw the ball over the receiver's shoulder with a bullet pass or a high, soft lead. He can throw the ball short (in front hard or with a soft lead, and behind hard or with a soft lead).

Page 58 Drill #42: Pass Gauntlet Drill Objective: To teach the receiver to locate the ball quickly and make the proper catch when he is being distracted by defensive players. Description: Receivers form two lines for the quarterback to throw the ball through to the main receiver. They can do whatever they want to distract the receiver except touch the ball or the receiver himself. Coaching Point: This drill is most effective when the ball suddenly appears ''out of nowhere" a few feet in front of the receiver.

Description: The passer is at midfield and the receivers are favoring a sideline with their splits. Two defenders have air bags on their inside arms and are on a hash mark 15 yards down the field. The passer will throw the ball to the receiver as he reaches the defensive players. The receiver has to disregard his body and concentrate on the ball. It is a very tough catch to make. Coaching Point: The receiver needs to have complete concentration on the ball and lower his shoulder after the catch to split the defenders.

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