By George Matthew Karl

ISBN-10: 1571670807

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Real name - one zero one Basketball Rebounding Drills

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The player must rebound the ball before the ball hits the floor. After rebounding the shot, the player goes strongly back up to the basket and attempts to score. The coach can shoot from a variety of positions or use a variety of types of shots. Page 23 Drill 14 Power Control OBJECTIVE: To develop body control and practice rebounding techniques and footwork. DESCRIPTION: The drill initially involves two players who assume a position in the foul circle. One player acts as a defensive player (O), while the other serves as the offensive player (X).

The outlet player with the ball then selects among several scoring options. Page 69 Chapter 5 Fast-Break Drills Page 70 Drill 55 Three-On-Three Go for It OBJECTIVE: To practice rebounding, clearing out, and fast-break transition techniques. DESCRIPTION: The drill involves six playersthree each on offense (O) and defense (X). The drill begins when the coach (C) shoots the ball. All six players attack the board in an attempt to get the rebound. The (X)s clear out the (O)s. If the (X)s get the rebound, they fast break to the other basket and try to score.

The two (X)s then box out the first player in each line (O). The two (O)s crash the board, while the (X)s attempt to hold them out, rebound the missed shot, and throw an outlet pass to a manager (M) positioned in the outlet area. The two offensive players then go to the end of the line and are replaced by the next man in each line. The drill continues with the same (X)s against all of the (O)stwo at a time. Once the (X)s have defended against all of the offensive players, they go to the end of the offensive player line and two new defenders take their place.

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